Friday, September 13, 2013

chapter 3

Slim has puppies an I wanted one to pet but I also wanted it to be mine. so George asks Slim if I could have one and hes said yes so I picked out a white puppy that i fell in love with, Then we were all sitting around the table playing cards an Carlson made the decision that he would shoot Candy old companion and stinky dog in the back of the head an he wouldn't feel a thing. when he gets shot Candy turns over an starts crying I didn't know what to do. Then everyone goes to town an i'm at the bunkhouse and I leave the puppies an I was headed home when I seen crooks light on an I went to go see what he was doing an I sit in there an talk to him, then George comes back an yells at me for being in his bunk house. I didn't know I couldn't be in his bunk house. When everything's happen I just want to hear Lennie's dream farm story.

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