Friday, September 13, 2013

chapter 1

We are running from our last work site in weed we hid in a ditch full of water until the bad people went away an then we walked to the bus station an he dropped us off an said that it was a short stretch an then we stopped at the river. an i saw a old river and I was thirsty and I dove for the big river and all I could think about was drinking so much water where I could walk some more to find where our new job. But of course George yelled at me and told me not to drink so fast. but I didn't listen all I wanted was some water. We walked a little bit further and found our new job and George doesn't let me speak because I talk slow and I jumble my words up. So he lets me sit there and look dumb and he makes up a lie that I was kicked by a horse when I was little when really I didn't ever get kicked. I seen a mouse and I picked it up an I put it in my pocket so I could pet it whenever I wanted but I ended up killing it and i still kept it in my pocket. George loses his temper and throws it across the stream. George warns me that we are going to work on a ranch, and that I must behave himself when we meet the boss. George does not want any trouble of the kind they encountered in Weed, the last place we worked. I go across the stream and retrieves my mouse, only to have George find him out immediately and take the mouse away again. 

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