Friday, September 20, 2013

chapter 4

I was in the barn and I was petting the dog a little to hard and long. I killed it an I was trying to hide it but then Curly's wife came in an I seen her hair an I petted it to hard and I broke her neck so I had to hide something else in the hay an then I thought Curly was gonna kill me if he found out. then I run away from the barn and hide in the woods, there all looking for me and i don't know what to do. so i just stay until Lennie shows up

Chapter 5

We were sitting around and I told George to tell me the story about the farm and I told him let’s get it now. He tells me to look across the river while he was finishing the story and he promises no will be mean to me again and then that was the last of me.

Friday, September 13, 2013

chapter 1

We are running from our last work site in weed we hid in a ditch full of water until the bad people went away an then we walked to the bus station an he dropped us off an said that it was a short stretch an then we stopped at the river. an i saw a old river and I was thirsty and I dove for the big river and all I could think about was drinking so much water where I could walk some more to find where our new job. But of course George yelled at me and told me not to drink so fast. but I didn't listen all I wanted was some water. We walked a little bit further and found our new job and George doesn't let me speak because I talk slow and I jumble my words up. So he lets me sit there and look dumb and he makes up a lie that I was kicked by a horse when I was little when really I didn't ever get kicked. I seen a mouse and I picked it up an I put it in my pocket so I could pet it whenever I wanted but I ended up killing it and i still kept it in my pocket. George loses his temper and throws it across the stream. George warns me that we are going to work on a ranch, and that I must behave himself when we meet the boss. George does not want any trouble of the kind they encountered in Weed, the last place we worked. I go across the stream and retrieves my mouse, only to have George find him out immediately and take the mouse away again. 

chapter 3

Slim has puppies an I wanted one to pet but I also wanted it to be mine. so George asks Slim if I could have one and hes said yes so I picked out a white puppy that i fell in love with, Then we were all sitting around the table playing cards an Carlson made the decision that he would shoot Candy old companion and stinky dog in the back of the head an he wouldn't feel a thing. when he gets shot Candy turns over an starts crying I didn't know what to do. Then everyone goes to town an i'm at the bunkhouse and I leave the puppies an I was headed home when I seen crooks light on an I went to go see what he was doing an I sit in there an talk to him, then George comes back an yells at me for being in his bunk house. I didn't know I couldn't be in his bunk house. When everything's happen I just want to hear Lennie's dream farm story.

chapter 2

We arrived at the new ranch an in the bunk house we met an old fella named Candy and his stinky dog, but the boss man comes in and starts talking to us an he gets suspicious when George is the only person talking and he asks why we left our old job and George tells him the job was finished but he left out that I got accused of petting/ rapping a girl. but I didn't know what I was doing I was scared and I held on to her dress  but curly's wife comes in the bunkhouse talking an asking us questions an i cant keep my eyes off of her shes so pretty. but after she leaves George freaks out on me.